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I just wanted to say "thank you!" VERY, VERY smart
and just as sweet.
He is a Gem!

  Good Morning! I purchased Merric from you in 2017 and I just wanted to say "thank you!" He is the most unique dog that I have ever had; he is loyal, sweet and beautiful. I have never had a dog who watches the moon, chases shadows and creates his own fun using a mirror, but Merric does all that and more! 
I recently split from my husband and I'm living alone now, and I feel SAFE with Merric here. I never thought a Jack Russell would make a good protection dog, but this dog is special.😊
I just wanted to send you a note, letting you know how much I appreciate him. He is my shadow, as you promised he would be, but he is also smart and sensitive and sweet! I love him and I am so grateful for you. Have a wonderful day!

Maggie is VERY, VERY smart and just as sweet. She idolizes Leah , which is great. She won't let her out of her site. 
Everyday when we come home from our errands- Leah and Maggie get out at the end of our dirt road and run together (Leah is a cross country runner) all the way home.   So far Maggie doesn't need a lease, we are hoping that continues.
Just wanted to drop a note and tell you Quincy is a Gem! He now sits and is fetching a little bit. We are working with a frisbee with him. He has been wonderful! Hope you are well. I do browse now and again on your website....everyone that meet's Quincy wants one!
We LOVE her!
Hi Lori,
Thanks for your email! Ella is doing so, so well. We LOVE her! Her and Empi are currently playing as I type. Ella and Trixie see each other regularly too. We've actually been working on some basic training - Ella's already got sit, down, up, give me your paw and speak - she's a smart one! We're working on come, stay and roll over too. She's such a cuddler - and a comic! - and seems very happy. This week we're off for our second vet visit. She is getting so big! Three weeks ago she was only 5 lbs...I bet she is 7 now!


Update: Ella is great - she is even catching a frisbee now! She lives for frisbee.
Our Wonderful Puppy VERY, VERY smart
and just as sweet.
... we love Waldo and Kitty
Hello Lori,
This is a rather belated update on the wonderful puppy we bought from you recently.  She came to us named "Rose" but we have renamed her "Mei Mei" pronounced "May May."  She is the most delightful little dog I have ever known.  I took her with me on a horse show trip over nearly the entire month of May.  We took four horses "on tour" with stops in Kansas City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Des Moines and back to Denver. Mei Mei was the social director, guardian, friend, companion and chief entertainer of our journey.  She made friends all along the way, and received invitations to stay on forever from several of our hosts.  She mastered hotel living, including elevator etiquette and midnight parking lot patrol.  She supervised the management of the horses and let us know if any of them were behaving in any way that was not normal.  She softened hearts, broke the ice, and charmed children, grandmothers, and judges.  She was enthusiastically welcomed into places where dogs are not normally allowed, including restaurants, bars, offices, and stores.  She acted as an ambassador for your breed, and I believe you may be receiving requests for puppies from some of her admirers.  Bless you for bringing this beautiful little dog into my life. 
Maggie is VERY, VERY smart and just as sweet. She idolizes Leah , which is great. She won't let her out of her site. 
Everyday when we come home from our errands- Leah and Maggie get out at the end of our dirt road and run together (Leah is a cross country runner) all the way home.   So far Maggie doesn't need a lease, we are hoping that continues.
.........  I can't tell you how often I look at your web site and check out the puppies...we love Waldo and Kitty so much that I feel like I want them all (I can't wait to see Orla's new puppies!).  It's funny, our previous dog (Bill) was such a sweet and wonderful dog that I thought we'd have a tough time bonding to new dogs but we're completely attached and devoted in a big way.  They're both doing extremely well (knock on wood) and are just as happy and crazy and rambunctious as they can be.
As always, thank you for our sweet puppies, we could not be happier.
She is something special.
Hi Lori,
Maggie is really something special. She brings a smile everywhere she goes. She is absolutely beautiful and as shinny as a seal & Leah works with Maggie every day. She now sits and stays, lies down and rolls over and shakes hands. Tonight they started their first agility class together.  I must say that Maggie was better than Leah, but they will grown together and will be showing by next summer. They are quite a pair. She is just the best little dog. Hope you are doing well.

Hi Lori We just love Clara sooooo much.

.... he loves Clara.

How are you? What a house full! They are so cute. Its funny you almost have as many as the last time (the amount of puppies). One big litter and the rest small. Bedelia is wonderful! She goes out with the kids and stays right with them. We play ball a lot. She is very kissy and loves to snuggle. Have fun with all those puppies. Talk to you soon!

Hello Lori!
I just looked at your new photo album page and it is great!! I truly enjoyed looking at all the photos. I am sending a couple of Clara aka Mona to add to the family photo album page. I hope that you and your family are doing well. We all are doing well down here in Texas. We just love Clara sooooo much. She & Gus have great time together and they are both a joy in my life. Clara is a very smart girl. She will do almost anything for a treat. It is very fitting that you have her baby food bowl picture on the diet page of your web site. She does love to eat!!

Thanks, Mary
Thanks so much for the pictures.  I really enjoy seeing the other puppies as they get older.  My youngest son just went into the Navy Seals and he just really loves Clara too.  He looks forward to getting letters with pictures and news about her.  He will also enjoy seeing the pictures of her littermates.  I will also try to keep you updated with Clara ( Mona ) photos.


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