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Getting Your Puppy to You:
Call Lori at: 607-746-2655, text 607-437-5380 or send an email: BlackAndTanJacks@yahoo.com with any questions.
If you're ready to submit your information and be contacted to discuss the possibility of an Irish Black and Tan Jack Russell puppy from Aislinge Bray please kindly fill out our Reservation Request Form and submit.
News about shipping.
Effective the summer/fall of 2020.
Due to Covid19 there is an embargo on shipping puppies through cargo.
However you may fly in to pick up your puppy. Puppies are allowed to ride in the cabin of the airplane with you or you may hire a pet transporter to do the traveling for you.

Header image Flying your puppy to you:
We can send your puppy on an airplane. Shipping him or her to a major airport near you. Please be assured it is a very safe method of travel for your little one.
Your puppy will be sent on a flight from Albany International Airport in Albany, New York. We will contact the airlines and make a reservation for your puppy when your puppy is ready to come home. Once this is done, you will be contacted by telephone and /or e-mail and provide you with the information you'll need to pick-up your puppy. A Health Examination is required by all airlines therefore we will have our veterinarian examine your puppy and issue the required Health Certificate for the flight.
Shipping fees will be determined at the time your puppy is ready to leave. Prices run from $400 and up. Depending on where you are locate and if any additional programs are used.
Delta Pet First has a program called DASH. It's a service which shortens the required time between connecting flights and opens up more options for shipping to a destination. Sometimes we must use this program to get your puppy to you in a reasonable length of time.
What is included is the price of shipping?
The travel kennel, water / food dishes, the veterinarian visit, the fee of the health certificate and the airline ticket. If you are getting a second puppy in most cases both puppies may be shipped in one crate at a two for one price or at least a significant discount. If you prefer to fly in and pick up your puppy, the airlines will charge a small fee less for you to carry your puppy back home in the cabin with you. You will need to book your flight on an airline that will allow pets in the cabin. The health certificate may be required.
Delta Pet First
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Driving to pick up your puppy:
If you are within driving distance of Delhi, New York, please plan to pick your little one up at our home. We can also arrange to meet you elsewhere if this proves to be more convenient. What if you know someone who will be traveling in the area at this time? You may arrange to have them pick up your puppy.

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