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Puppy Purchase Questions:

1.   Are you committed to making sure your puppy and dog gets the exercise it needs on a daily basis?   Dogs in general need daily exercise to stay happy. Black and Tan jacks will be happy to curl up on the couch with you but really love a good walk and some play time.

2.  Are you ready to spend time training your puppy?  Puppies will adapt to any life style but will need to be taught what you want them to do.
I encourage everyone to read Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. and Brenda Scidmore's book "The Puppy Primer". It's an excellent book about lure and reward based training.

3.   Do you have small children?   Black and Tan Jack puppies are small and could get hurt if they're stepped on or dropped. Your puppy will need to be watched closely if it is around small children. Once the pup is big enough to handle rough treatment, he or she will make a wonderful playmate for your children.

4.  Are you prepared for the expenses of owning and caring for your puppy?   The costs will not end upon your purchase. Your puppy will need regular visits to a Veterinarian, will need to have a spay or neuter surgery, immunizations, possible flea treatments, collars, a leash, chew toys, good food, food dishes, maybe a fenced in area and other supplies that you will purchase during your dog's lifetime.

5.  Our Puppies like to be part of the family.   Do you have time to spend with your puppy? Are you ready to have a small four legged shadow? Jacks are very loyal and want to be right where you are.

6.  Once you have considered the above questions and you're ready to add a puppy to your home.   It's important to select a reputable and conscientious breeder.

Selecting a Breeder:

1.  Check to see if the breeder offer any type of Guarantee.   Our guarantee is a comprehensive Lifetime Guarantee that sets us apart from other breeders. This is an important thing to consider when purchasing a puppy.

2.    Does your breeder do genetic testing? We do DNA testing on our dogs and have their parent's DNA tests on file.

3.  What traits are considered important in your breeders selection of breeding dogs?  We breed for looks, temperament, health and conformation.   You need not settle for a few of these traits when you can have all of them.

4.  Do you know how your breeder cares for, nurtures and ensures the well being of their breeding dogs and puppies?   Our dogs and pups receive all appropriate immunizations, medical treatments, Veterinarian check-ups, and are Avid ID microchipped. We groom, exercise, discipline, give affection, socialize, feed nutritious food and fresh water. Their living quarters are kept clean.

5.  Does the breeder have a visitation policy? Can you see your puppies parents and visit the breeder's kennel?   Visitors are welcome at Aislinge Bray and our dogs are here on the premises for you to see. You may also view them on our web site. Breeders that will not allow you to visit may have something they do not want you to see. It is possible they are running a puppy mill.

6.  Is a prospective breeder misrepresenting the breed, lacking in integrity or appear to be breeding indiscriminately with their sole interest in the money.   You may want to keep looking for a suitable breeder.

7.  A Black and Tan Jacks breeder who offers dogs they are calling toy, miniature or mini is not educated in the breed of dog they're reproducing.   Please be careful and listen to the instinct that tells you something is amiss.

8.  An important point to think about:   You're buying a puppy- choosing a pet/companion that could be with you for 15 years more or less. Be sure to do your research and adopt the best puppy you can find. Aislinge Bray Terriers are committed to preserving our old foundation line of pure Irish born and bred Black and Tan Jack Russell Terriers. We strive to promote and educate you about this rare breed. Protecting our line of dogs is one of our priorities as well as finding our puppies the best homes possible. We have worked hard to achieve the qualities our dogs have and want our pups to be well cared for. Please feel free to ask questions. We want you to feel confident in us.


                                                                                                 Lori of Aislinge Bray Terriers


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