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"2021" Is Our Fifteenth Year Anniversary!
~At Aislinge Bray , conscientious breeding is our utmost responsibility~
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Aislinge Bray Guarantee:
Call Lori at: 607-746-2655 or send an email: BlackAndTanJacks@yahoo.com with any questions.
If you're ready to submit your information and be contacted to discuss the possibility of an Aislinge Bray puppy
please kindly fill out Reservation Request Form and submit.
    We are confident in what we are breeding and responsible for what we are breeding. This is why our guarantee is beyond the typical guarantee.
    We want you to be happy and feel you were treated courteously and fairly! Working within the guideline mentioned, we will do anything in our control to rectify a situation concerning any of our puppies.
    We are a reputable breeder and have our reputation to maintain. Therefore we're confident that our puppies are the best they can be with wonderful temperaments. They are healthy, happy puppies.
Lori of Aislinge Bray Terriers
Serious genetic issues:

We will offer to you the following two options if at any time during your guarantee period your veterinarian provides written documentation that your puppy suffers from a serious, hereditary or congenital defect that is life threatening or will seriously impair the puppy or dogs quality of life.

1. )You may return the puppy/dog for a replacement. Replacement will be guaranteed but is based on availability. You will be placed near the front of our waiting list.

2. ) You may keep the puppy or dog. Have her or him spay or neuter and receive a partial, or full credit towards a puppy from a future litter. The credit depends on a case by case situation.

We must be notified in writing by your veterinarian within (30) thirty days of the condition being diagnosed including diagnosis and prognosis. We may ask for a second opinion or request to have the puppy/dog be seen by a veterinarian of our choosing. In this event we will cover the expenses of the second opinion. If the two opinions differ, we may get a third one and go with the majority opinion.

Please see  Puppy Pricing Packages  for the duration of the health guarantee which depends on the package you selected.

Healthy puppy guarantee:

Terms: If your new puppy must be seen by your vet within (14) fourteen days with the Platinum VIP Guarantee Pricing Package of his/her arrival to you and it is due to a pre-existing, verifiable illness, we will replace the puppy or you may return the puppy for a refund of the original purchase price.

We will need your veterinarian to send us a letter stating the puppy had the illness upon arrival. We would like to hear from your veterinarian the day your puppy is seen, preferably while you are still at your veterinarian's office.

We may cover the cost of the treatment expenses but please understand that unless we have agreed to any treatment expenses, when your vet contacts us, we may not be responsible for the veterinary bills.

If you have developed an attachment to your puppy and want to keep him/her, as long as the illness is minor, we will work together to make this happen. In this case, we may cover all or part of the veterinarian bills associated with the illness.


Terms: If you are concerned with your puppy's temperament, once your puppy arrives home, we will work with you to help resolve whatever temperament issue you feel you have. Should you still be unsatisfied, you may return the puppy to us for a replacement, as long as the puppy is returned within (30) thirty days from the date he/she arrived to you. You must have met the puppy's physical needs and you must return the puppy in the same healthy condition he or she arrived to you in.

Temperament can be affected by your puppy’s environment. A nice puppy can be negatively affected and develop temperament issue as a result being left alone for long periods, suffering abuse or having inconsistencies in their routine. A puppy suffering a lack of exercise, training with positive reinforcements, discipline, affection and/or not meeting the puppy’s physical needs, i.e.: food, fresh water, warmth and cleanliness may exhibit temperament issues. We have no control over this part of your puppy's temperament development.

If you have temperament issues at anytime later in your puppy's life and you have kept in close touch with us, have been documenting the issue and you have done as we suggested with exercise, discipline, training with positive reinforcement, affection and meeting the puppy’s physical needs, you may return the puppy to us. We will replace the puppy from a future litter at a discounted rate. We cannot be held responsible if you have not followed our recommendations.

Compatibility guarantee:

Offers a (10) ten day compatibility guarantee with The Platinum VIP Guarantee Puppy Pricing Packages.

If your new puppy is simply not what you expected and you feel you were misinformed you may return the puppy to us for a replacement puppy as long as the puppy is returned within the (10) ten days from the date your puppy arrived to you.

The puppy must have had it's physical needs met and be returned in the same healthy condition it arrived to you in.

We will of course take the puppy back anytime after this but may not offer a replacement.

If you are returning a puppy after the (10) ten day period or if you choose not to take a replacement puppy we may consider covering all shipping expenses.

Discount on the Purchase of a Second Puppy

The current pricing offers a discount on the purchase of a second puppy. The signed guarantee from your first puppy will have the amount of the discount clearly printed on it and may need to be produced at the time of the purchase of the second puppy to qualify you for the second puppy discount.

The discount must be redeemed within (2) two years of the date of birth (DOB) of your first puppy.

The discount may only be used by the owner of the first puppy. Other family members or friends of the family do not qualify for the puppy discount. It may not be traded or given to anyone else.

One discount may be applied to the purchase of two puppies when purchased at the same time by the same person or persons. If this happens there are no further discounts allowed or available for use at a future time.

The discount on a second puppy is only offered on a puppy purchased at a full purchase price.

The Platinum VIP Guarantee Puppy Pricing Packages currently offers a ($50) Fifty Dollar discount on the purchase of a second puppy after this guarantee package is signed, is in effect and within 2 years of the DOB of the first puppy.

Your responsibilities:

It is the buyer's responsibility to obtain any additional preventative health care and proper nutrition.
Aislinge Bray will not be held responsible for the owner's neglect.

All our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement. If your puppy is female you are obligated to spay her once her growth plates are closed at approximately 8 months of age. If your puppy is male you are obligated to neuter him once his growth plates are closed which is approximately 8 months of age. Please consult with your Veterinarian for the accurate timing to have your puppy spay or neutered.

Failure to comply with this stipulation renders all guarantees null and void.

Above all, please enjoy your puppy. They will be great fun, wonderful companions and will fill your life with joy!

New York State Pet Lemon Law

Follow the link below to familiarize yourself with the NYS Pet Lemon Law.


Microchip Identification

All puppies receive a microchip before puppies go to their new home. The Microchip is placed under the skin, at the back of the neck. The new owner will receive the Microchip ID number and information on how to register the number in the Nation Wide Pet Identification data base.

You Must Register the MICROCHIP NUMBER.

A Microchip Reader or Scanner is used to read a dog's microchip number. Most Veterinarian offices, Humane Societies, Dog Breeders or Rescue Organizations have a universal MICROCHIP Readers to identify microchip numbers. Once identified a call to the Nation Wide Pet Identification data base will produce the name and number of the family the dog is registered to and you will be contacted that your dog has been found.

A Microchip can help your dog find his or her way back home to you, BUT only if the MICROCHIP number is registered in the data base.

PLEASE!!!! Register your pet's microchip number.
Return Shipping

Please note: That under most circumstances concerning our guarantees, we do not cover shipping costs. However there may be cases we will consider doing so.


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